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5 Non-Dairy Osteoporosis Fighters for the Healthy Senior


It is important to live a normal, healthy life and enjoy the company of our loved ones during our golden years. Often, all it takes is a little care and attention to detail. The willingness to gain insight into the workings of the body, and the ways in which certain conditions can be held at bay with the right foods, can provide seniors with the weapons they need to keep their conditions well.

Surprisingly, only a small portion of the population over the age of 65 is actually assessed and treated for having low levels of bone density. Even seniors with no apparent mobility issues who are in good health considering their age must have the assessment done – if only to ascertain the extent of loss of bone density. Once the level of loss has been established, the next step is to evaluate various dietary options, which are often the most natural ways to deal with the issue at hand.

Dairy products are often recommended as great sources of calcium, and doctors also recommend vitamin D supplementation. However, in cases where the patient experiences lactose intolerance or doesn’t like dairy foods, other options must be sought out. Here are 5 of the top osteoporosis fighting foods that are non-dairy.


This amazing vegetable is low-calorie, high-fiber and provides adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin K, the latter of which helps form a bone protein called osteocalcin. Broccoli is best eaten raw or steamed, and can be served in a variety of ways that are appetizing and healthy at the same time.

White Beans

For early cases of osteoporosis, as well as for prevention, nothing beats white beans. These legumes have high levels of magnesium, which has been found to be a possible preventive agent for osteoporosis in later years. They are also a rich source of potassium, iron, soluble fiber and calcium – all of which can reduce the risk of osteoporosis setting in. They can be served in salads, or as stews and soups. Their aroma is appetizing and the health benefits just can’t be denied.


For the lactose intolerant, tofu is an ideal additive to the regular diet. However, do ensure that a calcium compound has been used as the curdling agent, making the tofu rich in this mineral. You can replace all your lean meats with tofu for a healthier diet and a great plan to combat osteoporosis. Served stir-fry style with white beans and edamame, it becomes a formidable opponent for bone loss.


This vegetable is a cousin of the humble cabbage, and packs a powerful punch in its fight against bone density loss. Rich in vitamin K, it may help reduce the chance of fractures and may even reduce the loss of bone-mineral when consumed regularly. You can saute with roasted garlic in olive oil for a delicious bite when hunger strikes, or use it as a main ingredient in a variety of dishes.


You may already know the many benefits of almonds in your diet, but did you also know that they’re a great source of protein and calcium? Eaten as a snack on their own, with yogurt or in any of a number of delicious ways, they’ll give you the calcium and protein you need to fight bone-mineral loss.

These 5 foods are great for seniors who are actively fighting osteoporosis and the risk of fractures, but other precautions are necessary, too.

For example, fall prevention is a way to proactively prepare for unnecessary falls around the house. The elderly falling down is, in many cases, “intrinsic” – meaning it’s because of internal conditions such as cognitive impairment, weakness due to malnutrition or postural instability. Such falls can be prevented by providing hand support in strategic locations around the house, especially in the bathrooms and kitchen areas, staircases and so on.

In addition, regular assessments are highly recommended in order to validate the usefulness of a diet rich in calcium and other essential minerals and vitamins. The right foods are a great way to fight osteoporosis, but overall health management is even more critical.

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