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Father’s Day Gift Suggestions for Seniors in Assisted Living Communities

— by Michelle Gonzalez in Senior Living
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If you have an elderly father residing in an assisted living community, it would be nice to visit him this coming Father’s Day and spend some time bonding like before. You might be thinking what gift to bring him, and we know it can be a bit challenging. To help you decide which would be a good gift to give your elderly father this Father’s Day, here are a few suggestions.

Gift Ideas for Elderly Fathers Residing in an Assisted Living Community

A Smartphone or Tablet

It would be good to give your senior dad a tech gadget that will keep him connected with you and the rest of the family. A smartphone or tablet will make it more convenient to call or video chat. There are apps that you can download for his entertainment as well – apps for playing games, watching TV series or movies, enhancing photos, and reading books are available on iTunes and Google Play Store for free or for a minimal amount. If your father is not very comfortable with gadgets and find them too complicated, there are a few tablets out in the market that are specially designed for senior individuals, such as the GrandPad and Claris Companion.

The GrandPad comes with a wireless charging stand, a cover, and a stylus. The stylus is a great feature of the tablet because older seniors usually have more leathery fingers which makes it difficult for them to use a touchscreen unlike younger people. The tablet is insured, so if the user loses or breaks it, the manufacturer will send a replacement without any additional cost. Family members can download the GrandPad companion app on an iPhone or Android device to call by voice or video, send email or text, and upload photos and videos.

The Claris Companion is the perfect device for older seniors, providing more than communications and extending the features to health and security needs of the user and distant monitoring by his family. The CareDot™ technology of this device automatically displays an activity, compliance, and wellness score for your senior father as he interacts with the Claris system. The Claris Companion also sends alerts to you and other members of the family in case an unusual activity is detected and allows you to connect with him right away.

Birdwatching Tools

Birdwatching is a favorite pastime for seniors in assisted living communities. Most facilities allow their residents to have a bird house or bird feeder outside their window. Consider buying a feeder that can be attached by a suction cup to your father’s window so he can watch the birds up close. For outdoor birdwatching, buy him a pair of binoculars with comfortable lenses that will enhance his view.  A birding book showing state or region specific varieties will be helpful in identifying the species he will encounter. You might also want to get him a good sunscreen, a hat, and bug spray to keep him comfortable and secure from the sun’s rays and insects.

A Gift Card

A gift card to his favorite restaurant or shop would also be a great Father’s Day gift for a senior father. You may also give him a gift card which he can use on online stores so he can conveniently choose the items he wants to purchase in the comfort of his assisted living unit. If you are not sure which gift card to give your dad, you can call the community staff and ask where he prefers to dine or shop when they go out.

A Gift Basket

Put together a personalized gift basket of his favorites things. Is your father a music connoisseur? Assemble a line up of cd’s of his favorite singers, such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, or The Beatles. Is he fond of reading books? Arrange a few good books, a book mark, a tea cup, and a few bags of chamomile tea in his gift basket. Or you can also bring him a basket full of his favorite snacks and drinks. The possibilities are endless!


The most precious gift you can give your father on this special day is yourself! Your presence and the time you spend together are the best gift that you can give your senior parent on Father’s Day. He knows you have a busy schedule, and you probably live a bit far from his senior home, so when you go and visit him on Father’s Day, it means a lot to him. Surprise him with breakfast and spend the afternoon on a picnic. These few hours are worth more to him than any other present!

Whatever gift you choose for your father, the important thing is to enjoy the upcoming Father’s Day with your elderly dad with a gift that comes from the heart and create loving memories together on his special day.

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