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How to Live to 100: Unusual Secrets and Tips From Centenarians


Would you like to live to 100?  How about to 120? You might think that your longevity is linked to your diet, exercise regime or good genes. But to these centenarians there is more to it. Following these unusual secrets and tips might get you to blow 100 candles down the road, but we can’t guarantee it!

Eat a couple of pounds of chocolate sweets a week

Jeanne Calment, from Arles, France, lived to be 122 years and 164 days old. She saw the Eiffel Tower being built and sold coloured pencils to Vincent Van Gogh when she was 13! Until she was 119, she smoked cigarettes, drank port wine and ate a couple of pounds of chocolate sweets a week.

Start each morning with a cup of coffee

Marian Cannon Schlesinger from Cambridge, Massachusetts, is 104 years-old. She was the daughter and wife of prominent Harvard professors, and wrote the second volume of her memoirs when she was 99! She starts each morning with a cup of coffee and has a drink every night, which according to her it is pretty watered down.

Drink three Miller High Life beers

centenarian, agnes fenton

Agnes Fenton, from Englewood, New Jersey, is 111 years-old. She enjoys reading, listening to the radio and praying, and is in very good health for her age. She drank three Miller High Life beers and a shot of scotch every day for 70 years until she turned 105! Agnes had to cut down since she was eating too little and her caregivers were concerned.

Eat bacon daily

Pearl Cantrell from Richland Springs, Texas, passed away last year a week before turning 106.  She loved dancing, especially to country music, waltz and two-step. She credited her longevity to her love for bacon and eating it everyday.

Drink four bottles of wine

Antonio Docampo Garcia from Coruña, Spain, died last February at 107.  He never drank water. He only drank his own organic and chemical-free red wine. Two full bottles with lunch, and another two bottles with dinner!

Never skip cake

misao okawa, centenerian
Photo Credit: Cloudfront

Misao Okawa from Kita-ku, Japan, died last year after celebrating her 117th birthday. She was the world’s oldest living person from June 2013 to April 2015! She loved eating delicious things and never skipped cake. She said eating ramen noodles, beef stew, hashed beef and rice also increased her longevity.

Even though these secrets and tips are rather unusual, more and more people area easily reaching the 100 year-old mark. The United Nations estimates that last year there were half a million centenarians in the world, four times as many as in 1990.

So if you are thinking you will be a centenarian, or even a supercentenarian, you might be right. The Pew Research Center projections suggest that there will be 3.7 million centenarians across the globe in 2050!

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