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Kindness Acts from the Elderly That Will Inspire You


We absolutely love sharing with our readers wonderful stories of kindness! A while back, we shared acts of kindness towards the elderly that made a difference in their lives. Today, we wanted to highlight three incredible seniors who are giving back to their communities. These seniors are an inspiration to all of us!

The Amazing Bag Ladies

elderly woman act of kindness is making mats
Photo Credit: Jeanne Moran

A group of amazing elderly women from the Second Baptist Church in Union City, Tennessee, decided to do something wonderful for the homeless people in their community.  They started collecting plastic bags and converting them into mats!

To achieve such an extraordinary result, the ladies cut the plastic bags into strips and tie those strips together. Then, they roll those strips into a ball and crochet them into mats. In case you were wondering, it takes 600 plastic bags to make a 3 by 6 foot mat!

According to the Baptist and Reflector newspaper since the story of the Bag Ladies was featured in the news, “about 800 e-mails — as many as 150 a day — from all 50 states and multiple countries including Australia, England, India, France, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico, and Kenya, Africa started flooding the church.” What an impressive act of kindness!

The Kind Grandpa

Ed Moseley is not your average 86 year-old grandpa! He resides at Dogwood Forest Assisted Living in Acworth, Georgia, and has been fighting cancer. Even though he was attending chemo last year, he joined a community challenge. He taught himself how to knit and made over 55 hats for premature babies at a hospital in Atlanta. Besides knitting them, he also offered to teach other residents and staff how to knit!

Ed’s hats were well received by anxious and nervous parents of premature babies. Parents have expressed how much Ed’s act of kindness means to them and the community. He’s definitely an inspiration for everyone! His story has also been featured by FOX News!

The Wonderful Grandma

Senior woman acts of kindness is making tshirts
Photo Credit: Boomer Magazine

Mary Jane Namola is a not only a registered nurse, but also a seamstress. Three years ago, the son of her goddaughter was diagnosed with leukemia. She came up with t-shirt with an invisible zipper which allowed him to keep it on, making his chemo treatments more comfortable.

Even though she started making her t-shirts for children at the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania in Pittsburgh, she now makes them for adults as well. She continues with her work at her new home in Virginia.

Mary Jane, along with a group of volunteer women, work on this act of kindness with lots of love and dedication! Although she never gets to meet the recipients of her wonderful gifts, she hears from nurses and caregivers what a big difference they have made in cancer patients’ lives.

These three incredible stories are just a glimpse of all the wonderful things seniors are doing for others. We hope you found these stories exciting and inspiring!

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