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Technology for senior drivers

Technology for Senior Drivers

It is the responsibility of every driver to ensure safety on the roads during their driving. In many states, there are clear rules indicating a minimum age for driving, but many do not specify the maximum age for a drive. Due to this anonymity, you will find drivers of different age using the roads both during the day and at night.

In Quebec for example, drivers plan to drive to an age of 80 and 90 years. Fortunately, they have free visual and medical check-ups for all drives above 75 years through a plan called SAAQ: Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec. This is a good example that should be an example to all states who care about its citizens.

According to driving license renewal requirements in Texas, every driver who is above the age of 79 years is required to renew their driving license in person. This is to certify that he is in a good healthy upon successfully passing the health tests. He also undergoes vision tests to ensure that his vision is good for driving. This ensures his safety as well as the safety of other road users.

Modern Technologies for Road Safety

Apart from having some health safety measures being taken by different states. Modern technology is coming up to assist senior drivers in their endeavors. Technology has improved driving to a safer activity which could be done by people of different ages.

There is an innovation in advanced technology to help drowsy drivers on the roads. Let us look at the following advanced technologies by AARP driving Safety which has improved safety on roads during the day as well as night.

Blind Spot Warning System

These are systems that are fixed on the side mirrors of the car as shown below. When the car moves in a blind spot, the system uses proximity sensors to monitor those black spots and alerts the driver by producing a sound while lighting. The system can swerve the car to the right path to avoid a collision.

Smart Headlight System

This technology uses the headlights to ensure safety. The headlights use cameras and sensors to detect the surrounding conditions. It can detect changing conditions for example for an incoming vehicle and automatically adjust the lights of an oncoming vehicle to allow the driver good vision.

Emergency Response Systems

These are systems which assist in cases of emergency like a collision. The sensors in the car detect the collision and start the activator system to help in locating the spot where the emergency happens using GPRS technology to notify emergency personnel. This helps the emergency personnel to arrive faster with the right tools for the first aid.

In conclusion, senior drivers need to be assisted to ensure they are safe on the roads. Coming up technologies should be driven to an emphasis on the safety of all drivers irrespective of their ages. For example, the case of Florida’s Babcock Ranch where the state is coming up with a city with modern amenities and infrastructures powered by solar energy targeting seniors to buy homes in this ranch.

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