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Laundry Aide, Career Opportunity in Etobicoke, Ontario

Job description

The Laundry Aide performs various laundry duties associated with providing residents with the required laundry service.

The responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:

  • Sort and separate items to be laundered in accordance with laundering requirements;
  • Operate automatic washing machines, dryers, iron and sewing machine;
  • Hand iron and folds or hangs garments after laundering;
  • Transport laundered garments to appropriate floors;
  • Ensure proper identification of all personal clothing;
  • Maintain a clean work environment, dusting and washing equipment and shelves as required;
  • Perform simple mending and repairs;
  • Maintain appropriate level of supplies e.g. soap, bleach, fabric softener and thread;
  • Clean working area upon completion of the shift.

The ideal candidates will possess:

  • Experience in laundry operation is desirable but not mandatory;
  • Must understand the basis of good laundry techniques/practices.

 Candidates must be available to work evenings and weekends.

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