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Registered Nurse - RN, Career Opportunity in Louisville, Kentucky

Job description

A dynamic and growing leader in Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation, our organization is dedicated to providing quality care to all patients. We are looking for dedicated and passionate individuals who want to learn and grow with our organization.

We are seeking a Registered Nurse - RN - to perform acts requiring the knowledge, judgment, and nursing skills in accordance with the Registered Nurse scope of practice.

Essential duties include but are not limited to:

  • Assist in the monitoring of the inventory of medications, medical supplies and equipment to ensure an adequate supply to meet the residents’ needs.
  • Practice safety and exposure control measures consistently and effectively. Periodically review the department policies and procedure manual to maintain necessary operational knowledge.
  • Provide assessment and diagnostic services to residents. Perform an assessment evaluation using techniques including observation, inspection and palpation.
  • Assist in the admission, transfer or discharge process. Work with other health agencies and family members to meet the physical and emotional transitions of admission, care and discharge of residents as necessary.
  • Participate in the plan of care development and implement therapeutic interventions accordingly.
  • Provide supervision and direction to subordinate staff as directed. Monitor performance of staff on an ongoing basis during each tour of duty for completion of tasks and assignments in a manner consistent with the quality standards established.
  • Follow facility policy and procedure for necessary staff disciplinary action.
  • Utilize nursing skills, judgment and facility protocols either directly or via delegation to others for preventive health services, including but not limited to resident disease prevention or management, nutrition, skincare, hygiene, turning and repositioning, activities of daily living and infection prevention.
  • Give direct physical and psychological nursing care in emergencies as well as in the presence of illness or disability in order to maintain life, provide comfort, reduce stress and enhance the resident’s ability to cope.
  • Assist in resident rehabilitation activities. Monitor the results of physical, occupational and speech pathology activities.
  • Practice safety and exposure control measures consistently and effectively. Use safety equipment and supplies as per policy including mechanical lifts and personal protective equipment as indicated. Supervise subordinates for same.
  • Provide the necessary instruction or correction to nursing staff in order to provide the necessary resident services and promote the safety of residents, visitors and staff.
  • Monitor the staffing requirements and report concerns regarding the quantity or quality of individuals on duty and follow facility procedure for replacement staffing.
  • Participate in the orientation of new personnel as directed.
  • Receive physician or other Health Care Professional (HCP) orders, transcribe them promptly and initiate actions accordingly.
  • Accompany physicians (or other HCP) on patient visits and document in the clinical record appropriately, including all pertinent communication and activities.
  • Notify physicians of resident condition changes or need for additional orders or to report any pertinent information that is deemed necessary to promote the health and well being of the resident.
  • Notify resident family/responsible party of condition changes in accordance with facility policy.
  • Document all resident information accurately in the clinical record, on all required forms, charts etc. as directed and in keeping with professional standards.
  • Administer medications or treatments via all routes prescribed and in accordance with the Registered Nurse scope of practice. (IV, NG, GT etc.) and as per facility protocol.
  • Perform professional services such as catheterization, tube feedings, suction, applying and changing dressings/bandages, packs, colostomy, drainage bags, phlebotomy, massage and range of motion exercises as per accepted standards of practice and per facility policy and procedure.
  • Promote adherence to all resident rights and addresses any concerns or grievances expressed per facility policy.
  • Communicate effectively with other nurses at shift change by sharing important resident care information and activities to promote continuity of resident care.
  • Take measures directly or by delegation to maintain a clean and safe work environment, including the nursing station, common areas, patient rooms and hallways etc. on each tour of duty.
  • Participate in agency surveys in a manner that is helpful and dedicated to a positive outcome.
  • Perform any other duties as assigned.

Equal Opportunity Employer-M/F/D/V

Must be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing to be a Registered Nurse and be currently licensed (active) in the state in which the position is held or qualify for and obtain a license in this state. The license must be unencumbered and without restrictions.

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