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Cook, Career Opportunity in Louisville, Kentucky

Job description

A dynamic and growing leader in Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation, our organization is dedicated to providing quality care to all patients. We are looking for dedicated and passionate individuals who want to learn and grow with our organization.

We are currently seeking a Cook who would be responsible for preparing food in accordance with the facility, local, state and federal guidelines. Responsible for preparing food that meets quality standards and provide supervision to dietary staff as directed.

Essential job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Review menus prior to preparation of food.
  • Prepare meals in accordance with planned menus and production sheets.
  • Makes any necessary menu changes or substitutions, reports and records such changes as directed.
  • Prepare and serve meals that are timely, palatable and appetizing in appearance.
  • Address any complaints or grievances by the resident or families promptly and report the complaint and actions taken to resolve the concern to the Supervisor.
  • Serve food in accordance with established portion control and at proper temperature procedures.
  • Record temperature checks for food, dishwasher, cooler and freezer as directed.
  • Report concerns with food temperature findings or dishwasher temperature variances from the acceptable range.
  • Prepare food for therapeutic diets in accordance with planned menus.
  • Prepare food with standardized recipes and special diet orders.
  • Perform duties in a manner that avoids unnecessary food waste.
  • Inspect special diet trays to assure that the correct diet is being served.
  • Prepare nutritional bedtime snacks.
  • Assist with employee meal preparation and service as directed.
  • Pre–prepare any necessary food items for the next meal or next day meals i.e., pulls needed food items from the freezer.
  • Assist with and /or monitor the tray preparation and tray delivery as instructed.
  • Check for new dietary orders and assure that they are implemented timely.
  • Assure that appropriate equipment and utensils are provided with the residents’ meal tray.
  • Prepare food in accordance with sanitary regulations and with the established facility procedures.
  • Assure that food storage areas are clean and properly arranged at all times.
  • Report all accidents or problems as established by department policies and complete reports as directed.
  • Attend all mandatory in-services.
  • Monitor for hazardous conditions and report any identified to the Supervisor.
  • Conduct daily inspections of assigned work areas to assure that cleanliness and sanitary conditions are maintained.
  • Comply with the established cleaning schedule to maintain optimal sanitation of the dishware, pots, pans, equipment and all surfaces.
  • Assure that refuse is disposed of daily and in accordance with the facility established procedures.
  • Assist in monitoring that stock levels of staple/ non-staple food, supplies, equipment etc., are maintained at adequate levels at all time.
  • Assist with the placement of stock items in storage areas as directed.
  • Assist in the monitoring of containers of hazardous chemicals used in the dietary department to assure that they are properly labeled.
  • Assist with the verification of food and supply deliveries by reviewing invoices etc. at the time of delivery.
  • Follow all established policy and procedures of the facility.
  • Work cooperatively with food service staff and other departments.
  • Report to work in neat and clean attire.
  • Report to work as scheduled and be punctual.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Equal Opportunity Employer - M/F/D/V

High School graduate preferred, related experience or training or combination of experience and education. Institutional cooking experience preferred.

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