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Transportation Aide, Career Opportunity in Marceline, Missouri

Job description

Job Summary:

Drive vehicle for the purpose of transporting residents to determined destination while offering assistance and support. The Transportation Aide is entrusted with the responsibility of caring for residents during this process while demonstrating compassion, honesty, integrity, respect. The individual is to provide responsible healthcare and supervision of the residents in your care.

Critical Functions:

Full or part time. Delegated the administrative authority, responsibility and accountability necessary for carrying out assigned duties. Responsible for providing assistance /escorting residents traveling to and from determined locations such as medical providers for care and or outings. Providing safe travel by driving in a safe and responsible manner in accordance with all laws and providing safety for the resident by using safety equipment properly such as lifts, seatbelts, securing wheelchairs gait belts and using proper body mechanics. Demonstrate awareness of procedures in the event of any type of accident or injury.

Training and Experience:

  • Minimal 20 years of age with high school diploma or equivalent
  • C.N.A. certification and valid and unrestricted driver’s license with clean driving record
  • CPR certified with no record of abusing, neglecting or mistreating individuals in the health care setting.
  • Understand and comply with resident rights and follow HIPAA regulations

Key Competencies:

Language skills able to express self and understand others adequately in written and oral communication and to communicate effectively to residents and providers. Safe driving skills and ability to follow policies and procedures related to resident care and safety.

OSHA Exposure:

Category I which indicates possible exposure to blood or body fluids while presenting care or transporting residents. PPE is to be used as required. Gloves, gown, face and eye protection may be necessary in certain situations depending on the residents medical condition. PPE should be kept in the vehicle and replenished as used.

Essential Functions:

  • Obtain and review resident information for appointments
  • Prepares resident for appointment if necessary.
  • Load and unload resident in vehicle using lift in safe manner and safety equipment
  • Communicates with appropriate individuals related to arrival and departure
  • Communicate with nurse in charge regarding appointment times and directions
  • Facilitates communication between providers and facility by providing and returning documentation necessary for or related to resident condition or care.
  • Checks the vehicle before and after transporting to assure all necessary equipment is available and replenished.
  • Assist resident with any necessary care and use infection control and or PPE and monitor resident.
  • Use of cell phone only related to care and transportation of resident while pulling off the road in a safe area during use of phone.
  • Remain with resident during appointments if directed to do so by supervisor
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