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Healthcare Coordinator, Career Opportunity in Vienna, Missouri

Job description

Job Summary:

Administers nursing program within Americare skilled or assisted living facilities to maintain quality standards of resident care and advises medical staff, department heads and administrators in matters related to nursing service: Recommends establishment or revision of policies and develops organizational structure and standards of performance. Interprets policies and objectives of nursing service to staff and community groups. Promotes working relationships with community agencies and with other establishment departments. Assists in preparation of departmental budget. Established personnel qualification requirements, drafts procedure manuals, initiates in-service programs, installs record and reporting systems and performs other personnel management tasks. Initiates studies to evaluate effectiveness of nursing service in relation to their objectives and costs.


Under supervision of facility Administrator and or Regional Operations Director

Critical Functions:

Current state license, administration of nursing department overseeing all phases of resident services as well as nursing personnel. Works closely and communicates with facility administrator to assure that state and federal and ASI guidelines are met while providing residents with a safe living environment. Responsibility for overseeing all facets of nursing department personnel.

Training and Experience:

  • Graduate of an approved school of nursing. Maintains current state registration and ongoing education.
  • Ability to develop and effectively manage facility personnel.
  • Skill in identifying problems and planning solutions.
  • Initiative and good judgment.
  • A sincere desire to work with the aged and those with a limited capacity for self care.
  • Capacity to grasp new theories and principles and implement these.
  • Ability to maintain a good working relationship with all levels of personnel, residents and families, as well as community contacts and volunteers.

Key Competencies:

  • Supervisory and leadership skills required
  • Ability to communicate to administrator and staff and families in a positive, professional and effective manner.
  • Ability to over see all facets of resident care and assure resident quality of life through planning, assess and reviewing protocol.
  • Lead staff in daily facility protocol which meets state and federal and ASI standards.
  • Efficient in providing or reviewing required documentation as to resident care and services.
  • Interviewing, hiring and supervising nursing personnel and ability to manage staff on ongoing basis.

Working Conditions:

Indoor with adequate lighting and ventilation, carpet, tile, concrete floors. May include outdoor or public activities or attending recreational events with residents.

Relationship to other jobs:

This position entails supervising the nursing department while offering physical and emotional support to facility residents while working in harmony with peers and demonstrating professionalism. The documentation and provisional care is part of an interdisciplinary team effort to meet state and federal requirements and provide a loving home environment for residents.

Physical Demands:
(In an 8 hour day: N=Never 0%, O= Occasional 1-33%, F=Frequent 34-66%, C=constant 67-100%)

Full time position. Primary shift is day shift but may include evening and nights and weekends and being on call to assure the operation of resident and staffing needs. Changes in schedule must be approved by facility administrator.

OSHA Exposure:

Category 1, possibility of exposure on daily basis. Required use of personal protective equipment

Safety Equipment:

When administering resident care, gait belt, lumbar support, two man lift policy and use of mechanical lifts in noted facilities. Use of PPE is required when appropriate to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

Essential Functions:

  • Valid driver’s license and ability to meet company requirements related to transporting residents if situation should arise.
  • Responsible for all nursing service and its administration and clinical supervision
  • Responsible for the implementation of nursing objectives, standards of nursing care, nursing policy and procedure manual, and reviews and revises such as necessary and at least annually.
  • Interprets all nursing policies and procedures to nursing personnel. Determines that nursing care standards and nursing policies and procedures are being followed according to written guidelines
  • Supervises and gives clinical guidance to nurses and other nursing staff (PCA, C.N.A., CMT etc) as necessary.
  • Makes rounds to assess resident and staffing needs and visits residents each work day.
  • Works under the direction of facility administrator to assure that all nursing personnel complete the required orientation and attend the necessary in-service training, and that appropriate documentation is maintained.
  • Responsible for nursing assessment on monthly or as needed basis, documenting assessments, notifying physicians and families of change in condition, obtaining appropriate orders and implementing order. Responsible for supervising personal hygiene of residents.
  • Responsible for seeing that all the necessary written documents such as Admission Nursing Assessments, Nursing Notes, Over-All-Care Plans and other required information is kept Current in the resident record system. (Records are kept current following facility’s policies, ASI standards and/or State and Federal regulations.
  • Responsible for assisting administrator in keeping facility standards up to state and federal and ASI requirements and assisting with any and all inspections. Team member in planning, evaluating and providing safe home like environment and quality of life for residents.
  • Responsible for determining that the medication systems meets the needs of the resident, is an effective type administration system and is set up according to State regulations and pharmaceutical guidelines.
  • Keeps administrator informed of significant changes in residents conditions, transfer of residents to the hospital, expirations or any pertinent information regarding the residents and or employees.
  • Assists in determining the type of residents to be admitted to the facility using established nursing care criteria as a guideline. Makes decisions as to placement of residents and transfer to other rooms as necessary.
  • Communicates with Administrator schedules and conducts nursing staff meetings and maintenance records of such.
  • Assesses supply and equipment needs for nursing department and sees that adequate stocks are maintained.
  • Determines that incident reports are made out as necessary or as indicated and reviews such on a routine basis
  • Is available for call when needed by the staff members on duty in matters pertaining to nursing care.
  • Performs any other duties as may be necessary as specified by the administrator of the facility.


  • Standing: Essential, frequently, indoor/outdoor surfaces, carpet, tile, concrete
  • Walking: Essential, frequently, within facility, outdoor activities, public buildings assessments, supervising staff, while providing resident care.
  • Sitting: Essential, frequently, phone, assessments, supervision, documentation
  • Change of position: Essential, frequently, sitting, standing, walking, assessments, providing care


  • Reaching, extend, hand, arms: Essential, frequently, documentation, transport, assist residents, providing care, transportation, supervision
  • Reach across midline: Essential, frequent, documentation, supervision, assist residents
  • Handling, hold, grasp, seize, and turn: Frequently, essential, documentation, supervision, assist resident
  • Fingering, pick up, pinch: Essential, frequently, documentation, activities, supervision, assist residents
  • Feeling, perceive, attributes of object: Essential, frequently, documentation, supervision, assist resident
  • Crouching, squatting, bend legs and spine: Essential, frequently, supervision, assist residents.
  • Crawling: only in emergency situations or emergency drills
  • Balancing: Essential, frequently, documentation, supervision, assessments, assist residents.
  • Kneeling: Essential, occasionally, supervision, assist residents.
  • Stooping, bending: Essential, frequently, documentation, supervision, assist residents
  • Jumping: Marginal, not normally required, may be in emergency


  • Static position: Essential, frequently, supervision, assist residents, activities
  • Left and right rotation: Essential, frequently, documentation, assist residents, supervision
  • Forward and side: bending: Essential, frequently, documentation , assist residents, supervision


Lift / lowering:

  • Essential, occasional, documentation, resident assist, transportation, 50 lb lift,
  • Only assist residents to standing, or lower resident to floor 100 lb (push, pull, lower)
  • Do not attempt to lift residents or support entire weight of resident.
  • Lower resident to floor in the event of fall. Utilize two man lift procedure
  • Utilize required safety equipment
  • Carrying: Essential, frequently, documentation, resident assist, assessments, emergency
  • Pushing-pulling: Frequently, essential, resident assist, wheel chair assist, emergency care, assess pushing weight of resident in wheelchair up to 350 lbs.


Stairs-ramp: Essential, occasionally, building access, assist residents, transportation


  • Auditory: Essential, resident request, breathing sounds, take and record vitals,assessments.
  • Visual: Essential, reading documents, read medication orders, administer medication noting correct resident, correct medication, correct time, correct dosage, correct route, supervision
  • Verbal: Essential, explain procedures, concerns or report to staff and residents and family members.


  • Proximity of moving parts: Essential, occasional, activities, public events, transportation,
  • Exposure to electrical energy: Essential, frequently, items which require electrical energy, such O2 tanks, lamps, television. Check equipment condition to prevent electrical shock.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals: Essential, frequent use of cleaning agents to clean and sanitize. Non exposure when using PPE as required.
  • Blood borne pathogen exposure: Essential, frequently, assisting and caring for residents. Mandatory use of PPE per training eliminates exposure.
  • Slippery, uneven surfaces: Occasionally, watch for wet floors when mopping has been done. Outdoor activities during wet weather.


  • It is mandatory to follow safety policies and procedures including use of safety equipment to protect residents and employees. Lumbar supports, gait belts, two man lift policy are mandatory in all facilities. Mechanical lifts are mandatory in skilled as directed by assessment and care plan.
  • Mandatory reporting of all work related injuries within 24 hours to supervisor with participation in required documentation.
  • Participation in our drug testing procedures is a mandatory part of employment with this facility.
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