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Ajax Assisted Living & Retirement Homes

Ajax is a town in Region of Durham in Southern Ontario, Canada. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario in the eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area, Ajax is approximately 25 kilometres east of Toronto and is bordered by the City of Pickering to the west and north, and the Town of Whitby to the east.

Durham is a great place to relocate to for a lot of different reasons. For one, its location, which is an easy commute to Toronto without the hustle and bustle. Another reason is its excellent quality of life. Durham offers affordable housing options and there are several recreational opportunities for people of all ages.

Cost of Retirement Homes in Durham

The cost of housing in Durham is significantly lower compared to other regions in the Greater Toronto Area. The Durham Regional Council established a new Affordable and Seniors' Housing Task Force that reviews information related to the region's present rental housing supply, evaluates the input of industry experts, and explores the best practices that are being used by other municipalities and organizations.

According to the 2016 Senior’s Housing Report conducted by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, the average rent for standard spaces for seniors is $3,694. The table below shows more information about Durham and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area:

Average Rent of Standard Spaces by Unit Type in the Greater Toronto Area
Centre Semi Private & Ward Private / Studio One Bedroom Apartment Two Bedroom Apartment Average
Greater Toronto Area $2,468 $3,484 $4,558 $5,856 $4,154
Toronto $1,637 $3,433 $4,761 $6,772 $4,214
    East York/York City ** $3,576 $3,460 ** $3,632
    Etobicoke ** $4,030 $4,866 $6,818 $4,802
    North York ** $3,649 $4,941 $6,424 $4,483
    Scarborough ** $3,108 $3,680 ** $3,306
    Former City of Toronto ** $3,150 $5,066 $7,570 $4,392
Durham $1,729 $3,164 $4,157 $5,019 $3,694
Halton ** $3,628 $4,630 $5,668 $4,339
Peel $2,939 $3,548 $4,363 $4,987 $4,051
York $2,851 $3,690 $4,538 $5,821 $4,285

Please note that the rent figures provided in the table above represent an average. The actual costs of rent may be lower or higher, depending on the senior home and the amenities and services they offer. It is recommended that you inquire about the services which are included in the rent. Also note that Canadian senior citizens 70 years old and above are eligible for a tax credit for home maintenance, which can help lower the cost of monthly rent.

Senior Living in Ajax

Seniors who want to spend their retirement years with other elderly people or are no longer able to live on their own may want to move into a retirement community in Ajax. Here, they can socialize with other senior residents, enjoy activities and programs in and out the community, and get the care and assistance that they need.

There are various types of retirement communities available for seniors in Ajax, ranging from senior homes that cater to seniors with moderate health and personal care needs to those which provide 24-hour nursing care and supervision.

Independent Living Communities / Retirement Homes in Ajax

Independent living communities, or retirement homes, are residences for seniors who do not require much assistance with their daily routines. Additional services, such as housekeeping, meal preparation, personal hygiene, and laundry, may also be offered. The additional services vary from senior home to senior home, so it is best that you or your senior ask for a list of amenities and services that are provided by the facility that you are considering.

Living in a retirement home is ideal for seniors who wish to stay in an environment that is relaxing and comfortable, while at the same time be able to socialize with fellow seniors and get involved in activities that appeal to their interests, as well as improve their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health and well-being.

Assisted Living Facilities for Seniors in Ajax

Assisted living facilities in Ajax are particularly designed to meet the needs of elderly individuals who are no longer able to live independently and require assistance in performing some of their everyday activities. To ensure that there is constant assistance available to seniors, for certain activities or any medical emergency, staff members are available 24 hours a day. There is a wide range of options available to seniors who want to live in an assisted living facility in Ajax. Aside from the usual amenities and services offered in senior communities, some assisted living facilities provide their elderly residents the option of preparing their own meals, although most facilities have in-house chefs that serve nutritious and delicious meals and snacks, the cost of which are added in the monthly rent. The staff of assisted living facilities plan and facilitate trips to parks, museums, movies, plays, and local attractions to keep the seniors socially active and entertained. Transportation for outside activities, including doctor’s appointments are coordinated by the staff.

Long Term Care Facilities for Seniors in Ajax

Long term care facilities in Ajax are homes to elderly individuals who are no longer capable of looking after their personal needs on their own due to their physical and/or cognitive conditions, requiring 24-hour care and support services for their everyday activities. A wide variety of care and services are offered in this type of retirement facility, such as dedicated care for senior residents who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, as well as those who have sustained physical or chronic illnesses, disabilities, or cognitive impairments.

Long term care retirement homes provide seniors with a wide range of medical care, services, and amenities, including the following:

  • Private or semi-private rooms
  • Meal preparation
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry service
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Physical therapy programs
  • Social programs and activities
  • 24-hour staffing and personal assistance
  • Medication management
  • Pain management
  • Hospice care

Recreational Activities for Seniors in Ajax

The town has parks and open spaces that are self sustaining and ecologically diverse. Ajax's parks system, which encompasses 600 hectares and 74 kilometres of pathways, is open for the enjoyment of residents all year-round. Seniors can escape to nature along the banks of Duffins Creek in Greenwood. Those who like to fish will be very pleased to know that the park also offers some of the best fishing, especially as the trout season opens in the spring. The cold, clear-running creek is the perfect habitat for rainbow trout and other species of fish.

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Durham is known for its natural parks and beautiful waterfront. Ajax is an ideal environment for seniors who want to simply relax and enjoy retirement life. When considering which retirement community to call your or your senior loved one’s new home, also consider your proximity to certain services that you need to avail of on a regular basis, as well as natural parks and recreational areas, and medical centers.

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