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Quebec offers over 300 senior housing facilities. On average, Quebec’s senior cost of living ranges from $1,300-$2,100 a month, depending on the type of retirement home, location, services, and level of care provided by the senior home.

The overall average monthly rent in Quebec for standard spaces is $1,601. You will see in the table below the average rent for different types of senior housing units Quebec, based on the 2015 Senior’s Housing Report of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC):

Average Rent of Standard Spaces by Unit Type in Quebec
Centre Private Room Semi-Private Room Bachelor Apartment One Bedroom Apartment Two Bedroom Apartment Average
Province of Quebec $1,521 $1,884 $1,296 $1,606 $2,091 $1,601
Gatineau CMA $1,816 ** $1,554 $2,081 $2,195 $1,965
Montréal CMA $1,658 $2,064 $1,308 $1,612 $2,214 $1,675
Québec CMA $1,734 ** $1,212 $1,634 $2,076 $1,671
Saguenay CMA $1,277 ** $1,081 $1,510 $1,942 $1,389
Sherbrooke CMA $1,363 ** $1,353 $1,539 $1,920 $1,486
Trois-Rivières CMA $1,657 ** $1,150 $1,569 $1,946 $1,548
Abitibi-Témiscamingue $1,385 ** $1,488 $1,767 $2,302 $1,674
Bas-Saint-Laurent $1,390 ** $1,379 $1,575 $1,871 $1,489
Capitale-Nationale Rural $1,490 ** $1,431 $1,753 ** $1,661
Centre-du-Québec $1,354 ** $1,343 $1,481 $1,739 $1,448
Chaudière-Appalaches $1,443 ** $1,229 $1,505 $1,723 $1,448
Côte-Nord ** ** ** $1,783 $1,580 $1,690
Estrie Rural $1,337 ** $1,268 $1,537 $1,662 $1,410
Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine $1,333 ** ** $1,612 ** $1,397
Lanaudière $1,358 ** $1,403 $1,458 $1,667 $1,450
Laurentides $1,646 ** $1,155 $1,400 ** $1,555
Mauricie $1,317 ** $1,245 $1,620 $2,024 $1,403
Montérégie $1,528 ** $1,453 $1,542 $1,765 $1,540
Nord-du-Québec Rural ** ** ** ** ** **
Outaouais Rural $1,345 ** ** ** ** $1,477
Saguenay-Lac Saint-Jean $1,207 ** $1,262 $1,500 $1,893 $1,386


Senior Living in Quebec

Based on Statistics Canada’s July 2015 report, Quebec is the second most populated province in Canada, with 8,263,600 people. The report also states that in Quebec, the number of people who are 65 years of age or older is higher than the number of children aged 0 to 14 years. In their 2012 report, 16.2% of Quebec’s population consisted of individuals 65 years old and above.

Senior citizens who are no longer comfortable staying in their own homes may consider moving to a retirement home or an assisted living facility. These types of senior homes are specifically designed for elderly individuals who have moderate health and personal care needs. For seniors who require 24-hour nursing care or supervision, there are long term care facilities available for them as well.

Retirement Homes / Independent Living Communities in Quebec

Retirement homes, also known as independent living communities, offer the ideal environment for senior individuals who are relatively independent and do not require assistance with their everyday activities. There are a variety of options available to seniors – from apartments or condominium complexes to bungalows and cottage-style residences. Retirement homes usually have a minimum age requirement of at least 55.

These homes are specifically designed to meet the social, recreational, and personal needs of seniors. Seniors living in retirement homes can avail of a wide selection of amenities and services, so they can enjoy the leisure and luxury of an all-inclusive retirement lifestyle. Trained on-site staff are there to make sure that senior residents get the care and attention that they need. Some of the services and amenities in retirement homes include:

  • Housekeeping services
  • Laundry services
  • Meals
  • Libraries
  • Games rooms
  • Arts and crafts studios
  • Wellness and fitness centers
  • Theaters
  • Gardens
  • Salons

The relaxing and comfortable environment in retirement homes encourage seniors to pursue their individual interests and hobbies in a community that consist of healthy and happy senior individuals who share the same interests. Independent living communities hold year-round social events, classes, programs, and excursions, as well as in-house programs for seniors who want to engage in community outreach, volunteer work, and event organization.

Canadian seniors can choose from an broad selection of retirement homes in Quebec. These independent living facilities offer convenient access to shopping centers, cultural venues, and medical facilities. Most senior residences offer transportation services and ride sharing, so you can definitely enjoy your independence.

Assisted Living / Intermediate Accommodation Facility for Seniors in Quebec

Assisted living communities are particularly designed for seniors who are capable of living independently but would be requiring some assistance with certain daily activities. Unlike traditional nursing homes, assisted living communities offer a greater degree of independence for their elderly residents as they provide assistance in managing the basic daily living activities of seniors, such as:

  • Cooking and meal preparation
  • Eating
  • Taking medication
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Grooming and other hygiene routines
  • Toileting/diapering
  • Moving around the home
  • Housekeeping
  • Going to appointments and other places

The environment in assisted living communities is generally relaxed in terms of activities. There are several unit styles available for seniors, such as private studio, one or two bedroom apartments, or small homes with kitchenettes equipped with a small refrigerator and microwave. Facilities have a central dining area for accommodating visitors and socializing with fellow residents. Typically, the meal times follow a set schedule, but residents may decide what to eat and where they will take their meals. Bathrooms and kitchens are designed to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.

Staff members are available 24 hours a day to help residents with daily activities and chores, as well as to respond to any medical emergency. The staff also plans regular events and activities for residents, as well as trips to nearby recreational venues. Transportation for doctor’s appointments, scheduled activities, and shopping is also provided.

Long Term Care Facilities for Seniors in Quebec

Long term care facilities in Quebec are intended for senior individuals with physical and/or cognitive conditions which require 24-hour care and daily support services. There is a broad range of care and services provided in this type of senior facility, including specialized care for elderly persons with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.

Nursing, care, and services are provided for seniors who are no longer capable of looking after their own personal needs by themselves. Long term care facilities offer 24-hour nursing care and supervision inside a safe location to seniors who suffer from prolonged physical or chronic illness, disability, or cognitive impairment.

Long term care homes provide residents with medical care and other services and amenities, including:

  • Comfortable private or semi-private rooms
  • Three nutritious meals daily
  • Housekeeping service
  • Laundry service
  • Exercise programs
  • Physical therapy programs
  • Social programs and activities
  • 24-hour staffing and personal assistance
  • Medication management
  • Pain management
  • Hospice care

Recreational Activities for Seniors in Quebec

The region has five of the nine historic districts of Quebec. The historic district of Old Quebec is home to the Place-Royale, which is recognized World Heritage by UNESCO in 1985. The cradle of French civilization in North America, Quebec City has been growing since the 17th century, both in culture and architecture. The historical districts of Beauport, Charlesbourg, and Sainte-Foy-Sillery-Cap-Rouge particularly reflect the various types of establishment, organization, and land use. The l'Île d'Orléans RCM maintains its agricultural and maritime origins. The Parliament building, a national historic site, establishes the role of Québec City as capital, as it fuses the connections among the political history of Quebec, the Quebec National Assembly, and the urban life of the capital.

The National Capital Region also boasts of large natural areas, including the Jacques-Cartier National Park, the Grands-Jardins National Park, and the Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie National Park. The dramatic landscape of Charlevoix was awarded the designation of World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1989 because of it unique rolling terrain, fjords, headlands, and bays.

Aside from enjoying outdoor activities from various regional parks, there are numerous recreational centers where one can gain a better understanding of the history of practices and operational techniques of natural resources, as well as the conservation of these resources. Scientific literacy is honored in various fields, through the restoration of the Jacques Cartier River, the valuation of the Beauport River, the meteorite crater of Charlevoix, entomology, horticulture, etc.

Quebec Medical Services and Facilities

Senior care in Quebec is governed by the Quebec health and social services system. Quebec is home to several reputable medical institutions that provide geriatric services. Popular medical centers include The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), which is one of the institutions in North America that offer highly complex geriatric care. The Hopital Du Sacre-Coeur De Montreal has a program particularly for seniors – services to the elderly in loss of autonomy (AHS). And the Montreal Heart Institute, which is affiliated with Université de Montréal, is a specialized hospital center for the care, research, prevention, rehabilitation and the assessment of new technologies in cardiology.

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Quebec is known as one of the best places in the world to live in and retire. The cities, mountains, lakes, restaurants, and people all make Quebec the ideal place to relax and enjoy retirement life. When considering which Quebec neighborhood to call home, remember to consider your proximity to certain services you need on a regular basis, natural parks and recreational areas, and medical centers.

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